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We are a European hi-tech company building and implementing the next generation of aerial robotic technology.
Our automated intelligent drone solutions are safe, reliable and flexible to implement in any kind of professional settings.

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Drone-Experts In Surveillance And Monitoring

DroneMatrix has developed, tested and implemented soft- and hardware solutions to accommodate various services for several security & safety and government instances, locally and internationally.

ANY industry:
security, inspection, construction, warehousing, agriculture, oil & gas, …


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Low cost of ownership – High return on investment

The YACOB system was developed in collaboration with renowned research institutes whilst keeping the economic reality of the end-user in mind. 

Artificial Intelligence on Board – DroneMatrix Inside!

Both the Docking Station and the Drone have incorporated Artificial Intelligence: calculating return routes, following persons of vehicles… All smart calculations are done automatically!

Smart factory … Smart drones … Smart everything!

DroneMatrix has developed it’s own Smart-Factory approach which can be implemented in any region of the world in order to make the roll out sizable for all types of organizations. Our systems can be built anywhere!

All weather performance – Easy to Operate

Rain, dust, wind, sand, …all have no impact on the Docking Station. The weather resistant platform has automatic cooling and heating on board. The YACOB Drone can automatically take off and land whilst undergoing wind speeds up to 6 Beaufort.

The SIXTH network

A smart multi-service network of automated drones

“Where the creation of the Internet brought society into a new digital world, the SIXTH network will lead humanity into an autonomous (?) network of aerial robotic work.”

The use of an intelligent automated network of drones above industrial sites, smart ports, cities & regions is a new business area. This multi-service network creates important new services and more efficient solutions for current social problems.  Socio-demographic shifts and economic evolutions in which safety, mobility, health, climate and infrastructural problems will find solutions by activating the U-space (air layer between 50 and 150 meters) for automated aerial robotic work.

We Make it Easy for anyone to Acquire and Develop Drone Services

Drones will become part of any infrastructure where remote presence or remote sensor services can be called upon at any time by anyone. Originating from an idea to enhance the security sector, the SIXTH network has grown in scope with new applications in many industries.

Our Solutions

The TYTHUS is a mobile UAV landing station combined with a tethered, automated drone which can be operated without the need of a pilot

YACOB offers a unique network of intelligent multi-copter drones and climate resistant docking stations.

DroneMatrix has drones and operators on call 24h/24h to assist with incidents and/or planned events. Get your live video-stream up and running in less than 30 minutes.

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High level collaborations
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Affordable industry solutions
Hi-tech projects & events

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Ghelamco chooses DroneMatrix to optimize its site control

Ghelamco, the leading Belgian project developer, has purchased 3 automatic YACOB drone-in-a-box systems from the Hasselt drone company DroneMatrix. Ghelamco will be using the automatic drones on construction sites in Knokke and a site in central France. The purpose of...

Norwegian listed drone company joins DroneMatrix

DroneMatrix, the leading Belgian provider of automated drones, and Norwegian Nordic Unmanned, the world leader in industrial drone applications, are going to be working very closely together. To this end, Nordic Unmanned is stepping into the capital of DroneMatrix as...

Port of Antwerp selects 6th NeTWorK for automatic drones

The Antwerp Port Authority has selected the 6th NeTWorK consortium, a collaboration between DroneMatrix, Proximus and SkeyDrone, for the roll-out of a large-scale and innovative drone project.  D-Hive – operational drone capacity for the Port of Antwerp In the...

DroneMatrix winner of the VOKA Innovation Award 2021

​Voka Limburg’s prestigious 2021 Innovation Award goes to two companies: Steenbakker Vandersanden from Bilzen and DroneMatrix from Diepenbeek. The annual Innovation Award of the Voka Limburg aims to motivate the Limburg companies to join the European link in digital...

(VIDEO) Smart Port of Antwerp, thanks to DroneMatrix technology

The Smart Port of Antwerp is putting its innovation in the spotlight. DroneMatrix will help them deploy intelligent drones.

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