(VIDEO) Managing complete warehouses with just drones

Imagine you could take inventory, and manage this with a practically non-existent error margin. Sounds too good to be true? Well, think again. IMEC, Flanders Make, Aucxis, ID Logistics, i2P, Octinion and of course DroneMatrix have been developing an indoor inventory drone solution (INWAREDRONES).

And it’s again our versatile YACOB drone that will be essential in this project. We are constantly innovating the different applications for YACOB. We’ve developed an indoor version of the YACOB, which was certainly a challenge because of inside GPS limitations. Find out more about our YACOB drone. We’ve been succesful in innovating at a rapid pace: taking our battery use (and our supplier) to the next level, being the number one solution for police and security forces, getting inspections done at large solar plants, and making the YACOB technology the heart of the next big thing in industry drone services.

There’s virtually no challenge too big for our trusty YACOB! See some images below from our YACOB installation, ready to operate at an industry park in Belgium.

So what is the goal of INWAREDRONES?

Traditional inventory solutions are very labor-intensive and time-consuming. In addition, frequent errors occur, which has an impact on the quality of the available data and leads to even more lost man hours. Walmart reported losing approx. $ 3 billion in revenue in 2013 due to inventory discrepancies. Because the racks are usually stacked quite high (up to 16 meters), manual inventory can also cause serious accidents. To overcome all these problems, we need automatic inventory management solutions. This is where the indoor YACOB comes in to play! 

Find out more about this project on the website of Flanders Make (EUKA).


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