This is how we handle hi-tech traffic analysis with a drone

The only way that traffic can be reduced or its flow optimized is by measuring and analysing the current traffic patterns. How can the police better intervene in certain situations? And how can the government adapt its policies to further enhance our traffic flows?

Well, it’s TYTHUS to the rescue!

You could send up a helicopter to do the same analysis and find out how many cars, trucks, bicycles, motorbikes, pedestrians, and so on… are crossing a certain traffic intersection, but it would cost more than is acceptable. With the TYTHUS drone, our drone on a cable, you can send up a smart camera that can stay up there for hours on end, whilst sending down all the data needed. It even makes its own analysis because it can recognize and distinguish between all traffic participants. The AI on board makes it easy for police to get a clear insight on the bottlenecks of a traffic situation. At a cost that makes it feasible to get more data (which results in better interpretations).

Curious how we do it?

Check out the photos and video’s below. This traffic analysis was conducted by DroneMatrix in a collaboration with mobility-experts Roelofs.

More info on our drone solutions? Check out this page!

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