TYTHUS officially cleared for flights in the Netherlands

After DroneMatrix already managed to be the first to build and design its own drone-on-a-cable (TYTHUS) and have it homologated, the Belgian company has now also received a special Certificate of Airworthiness from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management for that same TYTHUS.

“This is yet another great milestone for the TYTHUS and for the entire DroneMatrix team that has been committed for years to enable the use of the most innovative technology in environments where safety comes first,” says Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, General Manager from DroneMatrix.

TYTHUS is a drone that gets its power via a cable, connected to a ground station. In this way, the system is no longer dependent on an internal battery and can be flown for many hours straight. DroneMatrix has built an app for it with which the device remains within all safety parameters and can always land safely.

For more information on how the Tythus can make a difference, check out these solutions.

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