DroneMatrix, a Belgian company, succeeded in obtaining a European homologation for one of its systems, the TYTHUS. This certificate, which can be compared to the certificate of conformity of a car, proves that the drone can safely be used in class 1A, where the risks are deemed to be the highest. TYTHUS is a so-called “tethered drone”, a drone attached to a cable. “Tethered” means that the drone gets its power through a cable connected to a ground station. In this way, the system no longer depends on an internal battery. This results into nearly unlimited flight time. The biggest challenge, however, is to completely automate the system. At the push of a button, the drone climbs up to the desired height, where it can capture and send both images and videos through a secure connection, even at great distances. The drone is simple to navigate and the built-in security mechanisms (six in total) ensure that the drone returns to its ground base at all times. “DroneMatrix is the first European company to obtain such an approval and the first player to market a safe system with an attached drone.” The term “tethered drone” is not a new one. What makes this system unique is the autonomy of the drone and the precision with which it is capable of landing. To control TYTHUS the operator does not need complicated manipulations or control levers. A simple application, developed by DroneMatrix, is at the heart of the system. Due to the built-in and imposed safety mechanisms (including power failure, cable breakage, data transmission failure, fire, vandalism, etc.), the drone can always land within inches of its intended target. Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen, CEO of DroneMatrix is enthusiastic about his company’s efforts: “These security mechanisms are imposed by the Belgian DGTA (Directorate General Air Transport). They even increased their safety standards based on our technology. With this, DroneMatrix is the first European player to market such a system.” DroneMatrix is now seeing the return of their 12-month investment. It was an exciting journey: from the design to the lab, the first tests and finally: the certification. With an extremely rigorous budget, DroneMatrix has proved that it has the knowledge and the ability to build a drone from scratch, and that it has the capability of producing it in larger numbers. Now, the innovative company is in the process of constructing a number of TYTHUS variants for the security market and general services, with an emphasis on intelligent devices that will be used primarily for security applications.

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