Technology in times of Corona

Technology in times of Corona: Belgian tech company DroneMatrix has teamed up with the Spanish Solarig, global market leader of operations and maintenance of solar energy parks, to monitor and inspect these sites with smart drones.

It is not easy in these times of crisis, but DroneMatrix was able to realize an important partnership with the Spanish company Solarig, the international market leader in solar energy parks. The first steps were taken during the first Corona wave back in March and now the partnership has been confirmed by a successful test period of a drone to perform security and inspection at one of the Solarig sites. Now it has the potential to be rolled out to potentially 200+ sites worldwide.

Positive outlook

“Today, it’s important to us that we can send out a positive vibe to our colleague entrepreneurs”, says Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, General Manager of DroneMatrix. “Many companies are struggling at the moment, and we want to give them the message not to give up and to focus on their business after this lockdown during the Corona crisis. Something we are already doing for DroneMatrix with this partnership. Every crisis holds many opportunities and we expect smart technologies (Internet of Things, drones, AI) to boom after the corona-crisis

In a first phase, DroneMatrix we have deployed the self-developed drone YACOB on one of the Solarig sites. “The purpose of this ‘test case’ was to refine a number of processes and protocols and now, in a second phase, we are looking into potentially rolling this setup out smoothly across all 200+ Solarig solar parks worldwide”, says Vanwelkenhuyzen.

Belgian know-how

DroneMatrix is another fine example of the internationally acclaimed Belgian know-how. “The YACOB drone was fully conceived, developed and built by our own engineering team in close collaboration with local universities”, says Vanwelkenhuyzen. “Unfortunately we can’t compete with foreign corporations that produce standard drones in large quantities, but with the right software and artificial intelligence on board, we achieve much better results when it comes to industrial applications. Fortunately, no matter how advanced these mass-produced drones may seem, they cannot compete with ours. That’s where we make the difference with our knowledge”, he concludes.

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