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The most versatile drone in the world

The TYTHUS is not only a mobile UAV landing station with a tethered drone. In this configuration it is mainly used for planned and ad hoc interventions like sporting events, manifestations, accidents and disasters to provide an aerial, situational overview.  But it’s also a free-flying drone with swappable payload (dual SmartCam with on-board AI, gas sniffer, multi-spectral camera, etc …).

The drone that keeps getting smarter

YACOB drones and docks form offers a network of intelligent multi-copter drones & climate resistant docking stations. It’s a great solution to efficiently & automatically assist guard patrols. It reduces personnel cost and intervention time.

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DroneMatrix has drones and operators on call 24h/24h to assist with incidents and/or planned events. Get your live video-stream up and running in less than 30 minutes.

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