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Intelligent Drone with AI on-board

The fully in-house developed and manufactured drone with human behavior

  • YACOB can perform missions, fully autonomously.

  • YACOB can be provided with different kinds of hot swappable payloads such as a high resolution camera, infra-red camera, multi spectral camera, sniffers, etc.

  • Live data is streamed to a dispatch centre or to a dedicated monitor.

  • YACOB can be triggered by events such as a signal of a  detection sensor or a manual push of a button at the control room.

  • YACOB can trigger events based on the human behavior by the AI on-board. It can send a message to a control room or to the authorities.

  • The batteries of YACOB are recharged fully automatically.

  • YACOB can perform in a swarm of several drones if redundancy is needed.

  • The YACOB is equipped with safety systems that guaranteed the safety of people.

    • Parachute

    • Sense and Avoid systems, (Lidar)

    • Flight Termination System

    • Trackers, (ADS-B, FLARM, REMOTE ID,..)

    • Transmitters

    • Safety Lights

  • The YACOB is equipped with redundant high bandwidth and low latency communication systems.
    This includes multiplexing and bounding up to 4 communication channels - 4G LTE, 5G, RF and SATcom.


The most well thought docking station

The launching-, landing-  and communication hub which protects the
YACOB drone in all weather conditions

Protector Communicator
1. Protection of the drone against weather, climate, environmental

Rain, snow, UV, and dust
Wind and wind forces
Human intrusion
Animals and insect intrusion protection
Remote control and management 

2. Launching and landing platform

YACOB installation set-up is to operate the drone without human intervention for launch and landing operations.

3. Communication hub

Video stream inside the box to the AR-WS system
Data communication to the RF communication antennas
Fixed Ethernet connection to the internet or 4G LTE - 5G communication (fail over)
Satellite Starlink and SatComs Iridium
Fixed connection to weather station;
Communication with ADS-B transceiver; Flarm transceiver; AIS (ship tracking);
Command and control communication from AR-WS to YADO systems

4. Power supply hub

The YADO is a wireless power supply system for the drone operations and the YADO operation


Aerial Robotic - Work System

The most comprehensive operational software for managing your fleet of drone installations

The AR-WS platform gives the operator the flexibility to manage multiple drone installations, the YACOB drone and the YADO dock station both are connected to the AR-WS platform.


The AR-WS platform monitors not only the fleet and installations but also users (cooperative and non-cooperative) of the airspace. The weather conditions on site (fog, windspeed, wind gust, temperature, rain, sun radiation) , the quality of communication channels (4GLTE/5G, RF, SATcoms, landlines) , the ground risks (people, infrastructures, vehicles, ships, cranes,...) the telemetric data of the installations in flight and stored.simple intuitive way missions are carried out with an extremely important safety aspect in mind.



DroneMatrix has a revolutionary online drone management platform AR-WS that is revolutionizing the way we fly and manage data. Powered by YACOB, a leading end-to-end drone, AR-WS is the perfect platform for businesses who need efficient and secure flight operations. With AR-WS, businesses can execute fast and reliable flights with minimal effort. Additionally, data collection and processing is simple and efficient, allowing businesses to store and analyze data quickly and accurately. And best of all, AR-WS is ready to fly on demand, so businesses can launch drones whenever and wherever they need to. With AR-WS, businesses have a secure and reliable platform for a variety of drone-related operations. It's the perfect platform for businesses who need to get the job done quickly, securely, and efficiently.


DroneMatrix technology is fast, reliable, safe, efficient and affordable.

Companies, governments, emergency services want to make a situation assessment at any time in the most harsh environments.


With a simple push of a button is to send the drone to its observation location in a simple, yet safe way, without human intervention.

Because time is pressing, and total overview is crucial in difficult conditions.

DroneMatrix has built such a solution through years of research and development, testing and improving, striving for the ultimate product that is unique in its capabilities, functionalities and applications.


Groundbreaking features, discover capabilities you can apply to controle your environment from the sky

AI Detection

When a person is detected and confirmed to be a human, the person is followed by the drone.

By analogy, this can also be applied to other objects such as cars, trucks, ships, cyclists, ...

Tracking the moving object can be done in 2 ways, namely:

1. The remote drone operator designates the moving subject, and the YACOB drone follows the moving subject.

2. The YACOB drone visually scans an area and when a detection occurs, the YACOB drone chases this moving object.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-02-08 om 08.49.19.png

Mission Control

In this example, we describe a case of a surveillance flight along the outer perimeter of a industrial site (pharmaceutical).  From the start position, the YACOB drone flies partly following the perimeter. This is

performed both during the day and at night.

This flight is fully automatic from start point to end point.

During flight execution, airspace is monitored to dynamically evade other aviation users (drone, airplanes, helicopters,...).

The remote drone operator has a total overview of the situation and flight execution.

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