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How Ghelamco Leveraged DroneMatrix to Optimize Site Control and Improve Efficiency

Ghelamco, a leading construction group in Europe, recently began leveraging the power of DroneMatrix to improve the efficiency and control of their construction sites. This innovative technology provides Ghelamco with an unprecedented level of insight into their operations, allowing them to monitor and manage their worksites in real time. By deploying DroneMatrix, Ghelamco is able to identify and resolve potential issues quickly and easily, as well as optimize their processes to maximize efficiency. This technology has also allowed Ghelamco to stay ahead of the competition and deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget. With DroneMatrix, Ghelamco has been able to unlock new levels of site control, reduce costs, and ensure the safety of their workers.

Ghelamco, the leading Belgian project developer, has purchased 3 automatic YACOB drone-in-a-box systems from the Hasselt drone company DroneMatrix.

Ghelamco will be using the automatic drones on construction sites in Knokke and a site in central France. The purpose of the application is the remote monitoring of the activities and the improvement of safety and security on site.

According to Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, CEO of DroneMatrix, the application that Ghelamco has in mind fits in perfectly with the capabilities and possibilities of the YACOB drone-in-a-box. “Many companies that operate on a global scale like Ghelamco are looking at how they can make the shift from physical proximity to remote proximity. With YACOB drone-in-a-box it is perfectly possible to launch a drone in Knokke or France from their headquarters in Ghent, have it fly a pre-programmed course and interrupt this course with remote control of the camera on the drone.”

The collaboration with Ghelamco, a leading European project developer, shows that the application of DroneMatrix can provide interesting added value in the execution of large construction projects. After a thorough evaluation, Ghelamco decides whether to integrate the YACOB drone-in-a-box as a standard in all its similar projects.

The YACOB drone-in-a-box systems are placed on location, DroneMatrix implements its operational software platform and provides technical support in the execution of the flight operations.

What is DroneMatrix?

DroneMatrix is a cloud-based software solution that delivers real-time, centralized site control across the construction value chain. It connects the drone operators and managers to the Ground Control Station (GCS) to provide them with the information they need to maximize efficiency and ensure the highest levels of safety. The platform integrates camera and sensor data from the drones, smartphones, and other devices that operators are using. It also takes into account data from sources like weather, GIS, and sensors. The result is a comprehensive picture of the site and the workers’ activities on it. One of DroneMatrix’s main advantages is its ease of integration with existing systems. It supports a wide range of applications, including field service, survey, and construction management.

Benefits of DroneMatrix for Ghelamco

Without DroneMatrix, Ghelamco would have no way to monitor their construction sites remotely. Real-time insight into the worksite would be an invaluable asset for the operation team, allowing them to locate and resolve issues quickly and easily. This would increase the efficiency of the worksites, saving precious time and resources. Ghelamco can also use DroneMatrix to manage their assets more efficiently. The enhanced site management capabilities of DroneMatrix provide information about the current state of the worksite. This includes asset information, such as the location and status of equipment. From this, Ghelamco can determine how to best use the asset for the current job.

Applications of DroneMatrix

Construction - As the construction industry is constantly evolving, so too are the technology needs of construction companies. The ability to integrate drones with existing operations is a crucial component of the modern construction process. It allows companies to complete tasks that they could never do before, or did with great difficulty. Field Services - Similar to construction, the field services sector has seen an exponential rise in demand. In order to make use of this growing market, service providers must be able to see their clients in real time. This allows them to provide top-quality service to their customers and provide a seamless service experience.

DroneMatrix Features

Robust security - DroneMatrix uses advanced security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure. It also offers comprehensive compliance, ensuring the safety and privacy of your data. All-in-one solution - DroneMatrix is a single solution for drone operators and managers. Drone operators can use it to manage the drones and communicate with the GCS. The GCS can be used to review task status and communicate with operators. Detailed information - DroneMatrix provides detailed information about each worksite, including the asset information, workspace, and the operators’ status. This level of detail allows for various optimization processes and creates an accurate picture of the worksite. Use of advanced analytics - DroneMatrix uses advanced analytics to create a comprehensive and detailed site control picture. The result is an accurate and comprehensive view of the worksite, allowing for greater optimization.

Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen's Statement

DroneMatrix provides a comprehensive solution for site control that integrates drone technology with existing operations. With the help of DroneMatrix, companies can optimize their workflow, get a comprehensive site control picture, and reduce costs. The construction industry is constantly growing. This makes it an appealing market for business owners and companies looking for new opportunities. By leveraging DroneMatrix, Ghelamco has been able to stay ahead of the competition and deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget. Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen CEO DroneMatrix

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