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Detecting and cleaning oil spills with autonomous drones and AI? We got you covered!

Drone based Infrared imaging for Oil Spill detection (DIOS) is a project aimed at spontaneously detecting oil spills in harbours and automatically determining the seriousness of these spills by means of drones. This is linked to the centralisation of communication on the basis of advanced imaging.

Autonomous drones have been monitoring the Antwerp port area for oil spills for some time now. But can they also alert and activate the incident and clean-up services in addtion to that?

During the demo a drone drew the size of the spot via AI. An autonomous water drone then sailed to the stain to absorb the oil. AI can even recognise the type of oil product thanks to a special camera on Brabo's clean up vessel. With this project, all partners ensure smooth and safe traffic in the port.

With the support of VLAIO.

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