The Antwerp police and fire brigade are running a two-week trial with the fully automated drone YACOB. There is no longer a pilot involved. Thanks to YACOB, the Antwerp residents will soon be relieved of the ‘hellish noise’ of the police helicopter. The drone flies silently to its destination at 25 km / hour at an altitude of 35 meters.


Mayor of Antwerp Bart De Wever and his chief of police Serge Muyters (police) and Bert Brugghemans (fire brigade) are satisfied with the experiment that fits into a larger European project. De Wever sees many advantages compared to the current police helicopter. YACOB is cheaper, much faster and above all much quieter. “If the people from Antwerp have one complaint about the helicopter, it is the hellish noise he makes”, says De Wever.

Drone YACOB:
– leaves automatically and lands automatically
– is equipped with three camaras: infrared camera, 360 ° camera and multispectral camera
– cameras can read number plates and ADR signs on trucks
– can land in an emergency with a parachute
– flies on average 25 km / hour at an altitude of 35 meters
– can stay in the air for an average of 20 minutes

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