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Investment opportunities

The main vision of DroneMatrix is straight-forward: to always be ahead in the state-of-art technology, worldwide.

DroneMatrix is a privately funded business. Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen, the founder and CEO has set an ambitious goal and provides the vision to become market leaders in drone technology-powered services, manufacturing and R&D.

Frank Vanwelkenhuyzen relies on a strong team of seasoned managers. It’s a very balanced team, each and every one specialized in the drone technology domain (and all its components). Together they have an average of more than 10 years of experience in their domains, a deep rooted international network in the Security and Safety industry, and they have been able to develop new technology for the last three years in a particularly interesting drone research environment.

DroneMatrix’s main focus and it’s area of expertise is the security business. The company has multiple setups live with worldwide security players such as Seris Security and Securitas, but is also active in several other industries such as construction, agriculture and logistics.

It’s a fast-growing market in which non-automated solutions have proved to be not cost effective

The total turnover in Europe generated with this new technology is projected to be 50 billion euro by 2035. To tap into this market, the most profitable and efficient solution for drone technology applications on an industrial scale is a shared services model where a single drone installation is able to deliver multiple services for multiple end-users (comparable to the UBER-car sharing model).

Many business cases in security, construction, logistics and agriculture require regular scheduled flights to capture information or to secure a site. Creating a piloted organization for these companies is far too expensive. An intelligent drone network is the answerThe business value lies in the results (data) of the flights, not in the flights themselves.

This is where the SIXTH Network comes into play. This philosophy is based on the idea that drones will become part of an infrastructure where remote presence or remote-sensor services can be called upon at any time by anyone. The SIXTH network is a cloud-service which will operate a network of nodes containing autonomous drones based in docking stations. Originated as an idea to enforce the security sector, it has grown in scope to new applications in other purposes and sectors

Anywhere in the world, any industry branch

DroneMatrix has started the launch of drone products and services early in 2018: the EU, the Middle East (Oman, Qatar, KSA) and Asia (Singapore, Malaysia) are now the key markets, with the Americas being developed as a market from 2020 on.

The main vision of DroneMatrix is straight-forward: to always be ahead in the state-of-art technology, worldwide. Every R&D investment has granted the company a substantial USP. We have been able to sign agreements with major market players, whilst keeping the commercial and IP-rights of TYTHUS and YACOB applications. Being the first in Oman and Singapore with automated and autonomous drone systems is a fine example of our market lead.

Furthermore, because we have developed a smart production method, our products and services are easily exportable to other continents with minimal effort.


To deploy our international ambitions DroneMatrix is open for investors to develop operations in the Middle and Far East and branch out to the Americas from 2020 onwards.

The right amount of funding will put DroneMatrix in the possibility to roll out sales, production and local operations, anywhere in the world.

  1. We have the technology.
  2. We have the team.
  3. We have the business concept.
  4. Until today we have the funds.
  5. The perfect timing is the most critical factor

The market-product fit is important. DroneMatrix has that covered.

However, it’s a technological high-end product – that must be manufactured, operated and deployed with local people – we can mitigate that risk the first months/year via our EU branch, but with additional funding, we can shift gear and develop and grow locally, globally.

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