In the Spotlights: Karel Vandebergh

Working at DroneMatrix is being part of some real pioneering stuff! In this ‘In the Spotlights’-series, we’re giving our fellow-pioneers the opportunity to tell us what they like about working for a tech company like DroneMatrix.

In this first installment, our new colleague Karel Vandebergh is talking about his challenges at DroneMatrix and why he is excited to create the legal framework to enable a new drone business model. Watch out! Compliance Manager coming through!

I’m here to make innovation happen. And be a part of a drone future!Karel Vandebergh

Karel graduated as a mobility expert at the university of Hasselt (UHasselt). “But I didn’t feel like taking the path that most of my fellow student were following. Most of them went on a government internship or worked at a mobility consultancy firm, but I wanted something different. That’s when drones and their challenging legislation caught my eye.”

“I decided to compare the Dutch and Belgian legislation and during the additional Drone Business Architect course I took at DronePort, I got the opportunity to meet the people over at DroneMatrix. Thanks to them I was able to conduct a study on the challenges and implications of applying for a Light UAS Operator Certificate, something that was at the time, a new concept in the European legislation.”

“I am very happy that I’m now able to apply this knowledge at DroneMatrix in their endeavors to become Light UAS Operator certified. It will enable them to roll out a network around a ‘drones-as-a-service’ business model. This will change our future and our mobility in ways you can’t even imagine. And I’m just so excited to be able to do my bit in realizing this future!”

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