Ghelamco, the leading Belgian project developer, has purchased 3 automatic YACOB drone-in-a-box systems from the Hasselt drone company DroneMatrix.
Ghelamco will be using the automatic drones on construction sites in Knokke and a site in central France. The purpose of the application is the remote monitoring of the activities and the improvement of safety and security on site.
According to Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, CEO of DroneMatrix, the application that Ghelamco has in mind fits in perfectly with the capabilities and possibilities of the YACOB drone-in-a-box. “Many companies that operate on a global scale like Ghelamco are looking at how they can make the shift from physical proximity to remote proximity. With YACOB drone-in-a-box it is perfectly possible to launch a drone in Knokke or France from their headquarters in Ghent, have it fly a pre-programmed course and interrupt this course with remote control of the camera on the drone.”
The collaboration with Ghelamco, a leading European project developer, shows that the application of DroneMatrix can provide interesting added value in the execution of large construction projects. After a thorough evaluation, Ghelamco decides whether to integrate the YACOB drone-in-a-box as a standard in all its similar projects.

The YACOB drone-in-a-box systems are placed on location, DroneMatrix implements its operational software platform and provides technical support in the execution of the flight operations.

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