Are drones the solution for the Belgian mobility problem?

The Airshow is postponed until further notice.

We are all stuck in traffic way too much. Nobody seems to know what is needed to solve the problem within a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps the targeted use of drones can already offer a solution today?


And first, it’s not in the way you would think: let’s fly over the traffic jams! Of course, passenger transport with automated drones sounds like spectacular science fiction, but the truth is that passenger transport without a pilot on board is not something we will see regurlarly within the next few years. Of course, there have already been technologically impressive tests, but a drone taxi is not a short term solution.


But, drones are still an answer, then?

DroneMatrix, as a high-tech expert in software and drones, developed a device, the TYTHUS, with accompanying software to perform detailed traffic analyzes from a great height. How many cars, trucks, busses, bicycles and pedestrians make their way around certain points? Which traffic flows can be regulated more efficiently? Which infrastructure changes can lead to a considerably better mobility? What are, in other words, the bottlenecks?

Thanks to the technology to keep a drone in the air for several hours with the right smart software on board, the incoming traffic data is analyses immediately and automatically. For example, police can adjust their traffic interventions in real time, depending on the actual situation. Tests have already shown that this can almost immediately lead to a better flow of traffic, certainly on secondary roads with many intersections.

Cyclists are being mapped

Who accelerates when and where?

What is the average speed?

EVENT POSTPONED – Mobility Fair & Air Show @ DronePort

This traffic analyzing drone will be show its capabilities on March 26th at the mobility fair and air show organized by infrastructure expert Roelofs in collaboration with DroneMatrix. This airshow will take place at DronePort, the European test center for drones in Sint-Truiden.

DroneMatrix and Roelofs are both innovative companies stepping up to attempt to provide a solution via smart data for the ever-growing mobility problem in Flanders and Brussels.



The event will not be held on March 26th, it is postponed until further notice.


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