Needless to say that innovation is key in the drone industry. Anyone who innovates want to distinguish themselves from their competitors has the best chance of staying competitive. Larger companies concentrate their innovation efforts in special departments, but medium-sized and especially smaller companies do not have the financial resources  to create innovation momentum.

“That’s why the Belgian province of Limburg wants to help these entrepreneurs by stimulating them to collaborate on the basis of an innovation grant,” said Tom Vandeput, Deputy of Economy.

DroneMatrix’s drone-project in collaboration with the Port of Antwerp is one among 7 other projects winning the innovation grant, thus positioning them as one of the hi-tech companies of the region. These new projects were screened by an independent committee on their level of innovation, feasibility and economic and social valorization.

“This is a welcome recognition for our efforts,” said Lander Vanwelkenhuyzen, General Manager at DroneMatrix. “This grant enables us to drive forward with our innovations and allows us to keep up with our competitors.”

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More about the project:

Vessel Position on a Quay

Drone technology is increasingly finding its way to applications in the port area. They are used for the safety, control and inspection of ships and cranes and thus guarantee the continuity of port operations. In this project an application is being developed to determine the exact position of vessels on the harbor quay. Loading and unloading operations and therefore the safety of the entire dock can be greatly improved by combining automatic drone technology with photogrammetry and artificial intelligence. Standstills or delays and financial losses can be avoided by using this technology.

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