Drone and technology company DroneMatrix and the Police zone Damme/Knokke-Heist join forces and set up a drone to supervise during the Fireworks Festival. The ‘wired’ TYTHUS drone will produce air traffic around the station and the main approach roads from a height of between 40 and 75 meters.

The airborne video footage are not only available in real time in the command vehicle, but also in the control room of the police and on the smartphones of the police officers due to a secured cloud based solution. Offline, an analysis of these images can chart data such as speed, flow rate and the movements of the traffic and the spectators. The knowledge and insights from such analyses could additionally be used to optimize traffic flows and to tackle bottlenecks.


Drone supervision can improve services to citizens in various ways. Precisely because the use of a drone works in addition to the cameras on the public domain within the police zone. The TYTHUS drone, which can be used on the entire territory, detects people and vehicles with an intelligent daylight / infrared duo camera and transmits these aerial images in real time to the cloud platform MyDroas.

Police zone Damme / Knokke-Heist can use these images to reveal the traffic flows and bottlenecks and thus get started to improve traffic guidance where necessary. Also for crowd control or in emergency and crisis situations, collaboration with DroneMatrix for air surveillance can offer added value to act quickly.

DroneMatrix as partner

DroneMatrix is a drone and technology company that brought a drone on the market that receives its control and power via a cable, connected to a ground station. In this way the system is no longer dependent on an internal battery and can be flown unlimitedly. Thanks to the same cable, all recorded video images are sent via a ‘secured line’ to an operating centre or to the secured DroneMatrix cloud platform. There the images can be viewed and analysed.

With this solution, DroneMatrix aims to offer added value in a wide range of sectors such as the security sector, such as drones for fire brigade, police & surveillance applications. But also the events, media, research, construction, energy, … industries can experience many advantages by using the DroneMatrix solutions.

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